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Edwin Gas Fracking Pad

Soil Dry Down & Soil Cement

  • Material: Lime & Type III Portland Cement
  • Soil Conditions: 10” Frost. Water Laying On Top Of Frost & Rock
  • Subgrade Thickness: 6” to 28” On Top of Rock
  • Temperatures: Highs 38    Low 15
  • Weather: Sun & Snow

Base Rock Added the Following Day

Project Photos

Access to the pad was a narrow one lane road 3 miles long. Traffic was escorted to and from the pad.

The site had water laying on top of the frozen ground on sunny afternoons.

Lime was used on the first application to break the frost and raise the soil temperatures. After the first application off processing the lime, we probed and explored the soils for moistures and temperature to determine how to process day 2.

Exploring the moistures and depth of the pad after day 1 to determine material percent and tilling depths for day 2.

The site had deep wet areas holding water. The excess water limited the soils temperatures to 40 to 45 degrees during day one of breaking the frost.

On day 2 a second lime application was processed to lower the moisture content

The frost was completely out of the ground.

After the second application of lime was processed, Type III Portland cement was used to help achieve accelerated strength gains with the site conditions.

The aggregate base was placed on the finished subgrade the following day.